Invest In Pune - NH 4 Locations

Maharashtra is home to the most expensive residential and commercial properties in the country, concentrated in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune. All three cities have a mature property market, with high end residential apartments, commercial projects, luxury hotels and malls. Residential and commercial property. Pune areas of Maharashtra are emerging as big growth as big growth centers. pune is called as a culture capital state of maharashtra,center of modern architecture of india,Pune amoung the Top 100 worlds cities. Detroit of India,Important IT Hub, Oxford of east, Important Defence Hub, Emerging Bio Tech Hub. There are some of main points make pune city one of fastest developing city in country. India’s real estate sector is witnessing a growing rate of 30% annually over the next decade. These growth in real estate industry encouraged lots of developers, industrialists, MNCs and investors to explore the new and virgin areas of near by cities.Our NH4 locations are places where you enjoy evey moment of life. Location area which gives you STATUS AND PROUD ON INVESTMENT.futuristic and great for your long term investment.Various options are available for your purpose.Fast developing area. Surrounded by greenery and fabulous Dam View, a beautiful locations for investment.

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  • Nearest to Pune , 2km from NH4. Enriched with all amenities.
  • No Pollution zone.
  • An elegant area which is near to upcoming RINGROAD. Connectivity from PUNE HILLS project.
  • Nearest to historical places like BALAJI, BANESHWAR.
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  • Only @ 8km from NH4
  • Area Enriched with all amenities.
  • 45mtrs. Wide DP road connection.
  • Besides this, developing industrial belt.
  • Area which is near to upcoming RINGROAD.
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Land for everyone….At South of Sinhagad fort, On Kondanpur road.A land with historical attraction

  • On just 15 minutes from Pune front through proposed Ring road
  • Regular bus transport. All city facilities are available.
  • Amidst nature with ample water .
  • Upcoming futuristic development can be seen here.
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  • Easy and comfortable , only 8kms from NH 4 & enriched with all amenities.
  • Bhor- velha road is next to this location
  • Upcoming agriculture tourism.
  • Here, you could consult us for -
    a) Planning of the farm
    b) Labor supply
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  • Easy and comfortable , only few kms from NH 4 & enriched with all amenities.
  • Upcoming agriculture tourism.